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Innovative Panel Technologies is a member of the Association of Marina Industries and we are proud to offer our line of I-Tech Armor Plate products that have been developed with the marine industry in mind! The I-Tech Armor Plate line of products were developed to be both moisture resistant and non-slip for when things get wet. Designed from the ground up for exterior use, the I-Tech Armor Plate family of products includes UV Stabilized poly overlays, as well as both preservative treated plywood and aluminum composite substrate options. When fitted with our Quad Ripple texture, I-Tech Armor Plate thoroughly exceeds both the ADA and OSHA recommendations for coefficient of friction.

The original I-Tech Armor Plate is designed to re-surface preexisting structures with worn down surfaces in need of a refresh (but still in good structural integrity), as well as adding a non-slip and weather resistant shield over the top of the existing deck to prolong life. I-Tech Armor Plated Structural Decking is your complete decking solution for your new dock or re-build. Innovative Panel Technologies also offers the new I-Tech Armor Plate HD and HDX for your complete wood free exterior decking solution!

For more info, check out our I-Tech Armor Plate and Armor Plated Structural Decking page and literature!