IPT offers detailed CAD assistance for project layout, panel sizing and product volume requirements.

IPT delivers tailored products designed expressly to meet your project needs. Get in touch with a panel expert today!

Shipping Always at Net Cost

IPT mitigates your shipping costs by charging their net cost to ship to you.

IPT panels have been used in a wide variety of applications. Take a look at our case studies for examples of the possibilities!

Looking for installation guidelines? Spec sheets and pictures of an IPT product you’re interested in? Look no further than our resource center!

For the past decade IPT has been a leader in developing unique and varied solutions to a range of panel needs. Our expertise rests in our ability to marry certain components and create application-specific panels. Those solutions may be in the form of wood panels, polypropylene bonded to plywood, wood laminates, painted wood panels, coated panels, aluminum bonded to wood or anyone of a hundred other combinations that may be necessary in meeting your specific requirements. IPT has readily available products that are fully-developed and easily ordered or we can work with you to develop a specific solution that precisely meets your needs. We can’t wait to prove our desire to serve you and expertise as leaders in innovating panels for every conceivable application.

“For a really long-term vendor relationship, I need integrity, expertise & knowledge, excellent communication and knowledge of our products and applications. I feel you excel in each of the areas above, which makes you an invaluable partner for me and Sico to have. I could find sources of the actual “materials” I buy from you myself and buy direct, probably cheaper. However, having the support and value added that you bring to us with all of the above make the cost of your involvement a great investment.” – Harry L – V.P. & Director of Purchasing

“I’ve worked with Mike Thornton and Innovative Panel Technologies for the past 10 years. Mike’s a man of his word and does what he says he’s going to do. I enjoy working with Mike…he’s a good guy, very knowledgeable and does a great job. I would recommend him to anyone.”  Jim F. – President

“Easy, Mike’s a man of his word.” – Mike H – Owner

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