I-Tech Panels 5 Year Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

I-Tech Panels are warranted for a period of Five (5) years from the date of purchase to be free from substantial defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser from authorized dealers and/or distributors and is non-transferable and subject to the terms,requirements and limitations provided in this limited warranty.

Compliance with Building Codes

Each purchaser of Panels is solely responsible for determining the effectiveness, suitability and safety of any particular application or use of the product. Because building code regulations vary from area to area, each Panel purchaser should consult local building and safety codes for specific requirements in connection with the use and installation of Panels.

Limited Warranty Coverage

Panels covered under this warranty are warranted for a period of Five (5) years from date of purchase to:

  1. Be free from substantial defects in material and workmanship.
  2. Not rot, rust, corrode, develop structural surface cracks or require painting or refinishing.
  3. Not delaminate due to materials when installed and used according to installation and use recommendations.

Condition of Warranty and Exclusions

Upon documentation and verification of failure, the manufacturer will repair or replace the panels, without charge, the above referenced product if it fails due to the above defects. This warranty does not cover or include labor costs or miscellaneous costs for removal and/or replacement.This warranty applies only to panels stored, applied, installed and used in accordance with: (i) manufacturer’s recommendations and technical bulletins; (ii) recognized standards of construction; and (iii) all building codes adopted by federal, state or local governments or agencies and applicable to the installation of the panels.

This Warranty Does Not Cover

  1. Improper installation (non-conformance with the appropriate product installation guide, standards of construction, or governmental building codes.) Failure due to any adhesive, caulk or other accessories.
  2. Damage (not resulting from defects) while in possession of the customer caused by improper storage, excessive moisture exposure, improper handling, improper installation, or other negligent causes.
  3. Unreasonable use (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance), Normal pigmentation fading or abnormal fading due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. Damage or loss due to acts of God, improper storage, catastrophic events such as fire, hurricane, flooding.

Exclusion of Incidental and Consequential Damages

The manufacturer shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential, and exemplary or other damages of any kind; regardless of the legal theory used to allege such damages.

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