Built expressly for portable and permanent stage applications, is a long-wearing, strong, low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for retrofits and new construction.

I-Tech Stage Decking is a pre-finished laminated panel that blends high performance polypropylene overlays with a structural plywood substrate. This combination results in a stage decking panel that delivers superior wear and strength characteristics for portable and permanent staging applications. I-Tech Stage Decking is designed to resist abrasion for superior wear characteristics. It also features a full solid color throughout the polypropylene overlay which helps maintain the deck’s appearance.

I-Tech Stage Decking features a 100% moisture barrier polypropylene overlay that is impervious to most chemicals and can be ordered in a range of thicknesses. Both the polypropylene overlay and plywood substrate can be individually specified to give the best performance for the application and specific traffic requirement. This includes the thickness and texture of the polypropylene overlay and the thickness and type of plywood substrate. A black non-reflective backer of poly or aluminum is also available. This construction makes I-Tech Stage Decking an ideal choice for staging applications.

The benefit of selecting Innovative Panel Technologies (IPT) and I-Tech Stage Decking rests in our expertise and history in the staging industry. Innovative Panel Technologies works with you to tailor staging panel products to your specific application.

For example, I-Tech Stage Decking is available in a range of substrate thicknesses from ¼” to 3”. 4’ x 8’ sheets are standard but other sizes area vailable and can be ordered in a variety of colors and low skid textures. Knowing what combination will best serve your needs requires a careful and thorough understanding of the product and application. Innovative Panel Technologies has the background and expertise to deliver exactly the right stage decking material your project requires.

I-Tech Stage Decking is also available with optional surface overlays such as ABS, fiberglass, high density polyethylene, aluminum and other surface choices. Substrate options include fire-rated plywood, OSB, high density particle board, foam, honeycomb, and other choices depending on your application and requirements. Tongue-and-groove or precision square edge machining is also available on two or four edges for easy installation. Custom CNC routing is also an option.

Recommended poly thickness for specifications required (Wheel Loads)

  • 030” – Pedestrian traffic 1
  • 050” – Light cart traffic to 200# per wheel *
  • 100” – Heavy cart and pallet jacks to 1000# per wheel **

Thicker laminates available for heavier applications

* – based upon a 1.785” (wide) x 7” (diameter) hard plastic wheel – footprint = 0.57 square inches

** – based upon a 3.5” (wide) x 2.75% (diameter) steel pallet jack roller – footprint = 0.64 square inches

1 Note: Quadripple Available in .050” minimum thickness

Note: Your actual weight per wheel loading must be adjusted to compensate for the actual footprint of the wheels to be used.

Standard Features:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Structural Capacity

Optional Features:

  • Skid Resistant
  • Anti-Static Properties
  • UV Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Bug & Rot Resistant

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