No matter your exterior non-slip flooring needs, I-Tech Armor Plate will work on a wide variety of applications where slip-resistance is needed. Whether you’re covering or resurfacing boat floors, docks, stages, decks, boardwalks or bridges, Innovative Panel Technologies’ exclusive I-Tech Armor Plate will deliver non-slip properties necessary in wet or dry conditions, along with a range of other attributes to meet your specific application and setting

I-Tech Armor Plate combines an aluminum composite panel (ACP) with a high-performance UV-Stabilized Polypropylene (UV-PP) slip-resistant laminate finish. The ACP substrate, as well as the UV-PP laminate, are proven materials used for a wide variety of exterior applications. A polyethylene backer sheet can be added on panels being installed over preservative-treated lumber.

Rugged, long-lasting and attractive, these panels are available in a range of colors, sizes and attributes tailored to your specific application. I-Tech Armor Plate exceeds OSHA(Occupational Health & Safety Administration) recommendations and ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) standards. OSHA recommends for flat surfaces a minimum Coefficient of Friction (COF) of 0.6. I-Tech Armor Plate achieved a COF of 0.83 in testing per ASTM C1028-89, F609-79. I-Tech Armor Plate also meets the ADAAG COF standard for use in ramps, which is 0.80. These surfaces also offer excellent slip resistance even while the surface is wet.

Like all I-Tech materials, I-Tech Armor Plate provides a superior wear surface, feature a 100% moisture barrier that is impervious to most chemicals with the added benefit of providing a surface that will retain its color and characteristics for years to come in your exterior applications.

Innovative Panel Technologies can provide the guidance, assistance and experience you need in selecting the appropriate panel for your specific application. Issues related to wear, surfaces that will be covered, useful life and maintenance can and should be discussed in meeting your requirements and needs precisely.


These photos show I-Tech Armor Plate installed on a vehicular bridge in North Carolina. The project has been installed for several months now and is holding up great to the traffic and demands of the humidity, heat and sun!