Innovative Panel Technologies Inc. is now supplying I-Tech Stage Decking panels with increased impact, scratch, and scuff resistance! I-Tech panels are being laminated with a newly formulated polypropylene overlay which has an improved Rockwell Hardness rating. This increase translates into better durability against scratches, scuffs, and traffic wear; making I-Tech panels the perfect solution for stage, mezzanine, and floor installations.

The new & improved I-Tech Stage Decking panels are the same color and texture as the original panels, so matching existing installations will not be an issue. IPT is providing these improved panels at no additional cost which reflects our commitment to high quality at a great value. Please contact IPT with any questions you may have about the new & improved Polypropylene Overlaid I-Tech Stage Decking panels and all your flooring needs!

Black Hair Cell

Black Moroccan

Grey Moroccan

Grey Quadripple

Black Cracked Ice

Black Quadripple

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