Work place safety or ADA compliance, I-Tech Non-skid Flooring Panels were developed for use across a range of applications where slip resistance is needed. Stadiums, mezzanines, stage flooring, marine and other industrial settings, Innovative Panel Technologies’ exclusive I-Tech Non-Skid Flooring Panels can be matched to I-Tech Anti-Static Panels, I-Tech Mezzanine Panels and I-Tech Stage Panels to deliver the non-skid properties necessary in wet or dry conditions along with a range of other attributes for specific applications and settings.

I-Tech Non-Skid Flooring Panels combine a structural plywood substrate with a high performance thermoplastic laminate texture with an exclusive slip resistant Quad Ripple finish. Sturdy, long-wearing and attractive, these panels are available in a range of colors, thicknesses and attributes tailored to your specific application.

I-Tech Non-Skid Flooring Panels exceed OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) and ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) standards. OSH recommends for flat surfaces a minimum Coefficient of Friction (COF) of 0.5 while ADAAG minimum standard for COF is 0.6. I-Tech Non-Skid Flooring Panels achieved a COF of 0.84 in testing using the Horizontal Dynamometer Pull-Meter Method conducted by Progressive Engineering in November 2011. I-Tech Non-Skid Flooring Panels also exceed the ADAAG COF standard for use in ramps which is 0.80.

Like all I-Tech materials, I-Tech’s proprietary poly laminate provides a superior wear surface, features a 100% moisture barrier that is impervious to most chemicals and is available in fire-rated plywood, OSB, high density particle board and other substrates as required. Tongue-and-groove or precision square edge machining is also available on two or four edges for easy installation.

Innovative Panel Technologies can provide the guidance, assistance and experience you need in selecting the appropriate panel for your specific application. Issues related to wear, span requirements, useful life and maintenance can and should be discussed in meeting your requirements and needs precisely.

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