Developed for use in mezzanines, stage flooring, stadiums and other industrial settings, Innovative Panel Technologies’ exclusive I-Tech Anti-Static Panels feature an insulative finish designed to protect against uncomfortable static discharge that occurs during electro static discharge (ESD) events.

I-Tech Anti-Static Panels provide static protection by combining a structural plywood substrate with a high performance thermo-plastic laminate. This laminate is custom extruded with an anti-static additive to provide protection from static shock. In testing, the results of I-Tech Anti-Static Panels verified the static discharge measure was well below the threshold of what can be felt or heard by a human. In addition, the results measured were also well below the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) threshold for most electronics.

Unlike other anti-static panels, I-Tech Anti-Static Panels do not require static control footwear or specialty grounding screws.

I-Tech Anti-Static Panels are available in a wide range of textures, colors and panel thicknesses to complement any industrial mezzanine, stage, stadium and most industrial applications.

Like all I-Tech materials, the proprietary poly laminate provides a superior wear surface, features a 100% moisture barrier that is impervious to most chemicals and I-Tech Anti-Static Panels results in a unique new panel for use across a number of applications and settings.

I-Tech Anti-Static Panels are also available in fire-rated plywood, OSB, high density particle board and other substrates as required. Tongue-and-groove or precision square edge machining is also available on two or four edges for easy installation.

Innovative Panel Technologies can provide the guidance, assistance, and experience you need in selecting the appropriate panel for your specific application. Issues related to wear, non-skid features, span requirements, useful life and maintenance can and should be discussed in meeting your requirements and needs precisely.

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