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If you have a kitchen, clubhouse, store, or other common areas in your marina that constantly get dirty... armor plate it! Armor plate works great for any application! We recently had a customer that needed a floor in their kitchen for their restaurant in their marina. They needed to be able to pressure wash this [...]

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Armor Plate – HEAVY DUTY!!!

When it comes to exterior decking, IPT does it right. Our team of engineers have been hard at work to develop the greatest non-slip exterior decking available today. Combining our renowned Quad Ripple non-slip surface with an exterminate versatile substrate of layer ACP (aluminum composite panel)... introducing I-Tech Armor Plate HD! for use anywhere where [...]

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ALL NEW!!! I-Tech Armor Plate Marina Trench Covers!!!

WOW! We're always dreaming up new ideas here at Innovative Panel Technologies! A customer recently ask if the I-Tech Armor Plated Structural Decking he purchased could also be used as a utility trench cover in his marina. A prototype was then hand delivered, and completely exceeded all expectations. Introducing the all new I-Tech Armor Plate [...]

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Innovative Panel Technologies – Now a Part of the Association of Marina Industries!

Innovative Panel Technologies is officially a member of the Association of Marina Industries! With our new I-Tech Armor Plate and Armor Plate Structural Decking, IPT is your one stop shop to a complete non-skid exterior solution for your marina environments! Contact IPT today to receive to talk our friendly sales crew and get your quote [...]

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ASA Plastic Available

Have you heard of ASA plastic? You might not have...but chances are you have seen it! From car mirrors to jet skis, this plastic is on many things exclusively meant to stay outside! This is becuase ASA offers the most UV resistance out of any available plastics! Not only that, but ASA also offers superior [...]

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Surface and Resurface with I-Tech Armor Plate

Our nonskid surfaces are not only for new applications and installations. One of the main design purposes for our new I-Tech Armor Plate is to be put over preexisting surfaces.  This has many benefits: Extending the life of the underlying surface Adding a nonskid surface Weather proofing a surface Repairing a surface Adding strength to [...]

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Beat the Heat with I-Tech Armor Plate and I-Tech Custom Panel Solutions!

Things are really heating up over here at Innovative Panel Technologies! Whether they're for docks, bridges, boardwalks, exterior stages, or a multitude of other applications; I-Tech decking is available for all of your outdoor summer fun activities! I-Tech armor plate (being completely wood free) is the most UV resistant decking available on the market today! [...]

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