Innovative Panel Technologies, Inc. (IPT) produces bleacher materials for use in stadiums, gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor applications and just about every application bleachers are used. IPT works with the OEM’s or repair entities to develop and deliver the products they require. Whether you’re starting from the ground-up or renovating your existing bleachers, IPT can meet your needs precisely. IPT can provide an exact match with the bleacher materials currently in use or work with you to develop a panel that meets a specific or unique requirement. That means IPT can customize the thickness, size or color you need with a variety of textures, laminates and wear standards.

We have products that are slip resistant, non-stick, non-porous and easy-to-clean and available in a Class A fire retardant substrate or with an aluminum backer as a fire barrier. IPT can custom machine bleacher panels, provide pre-finished material, or develop overlays for one or both sides. We have products that deliver exceptionally long wear with effective moisture barriers.

In short, when it comes to bleachers, we’re experts and there’s no requirement or job beyond our capabilities. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote. IPT provides free design services with your order and all products are shipped at net shipping cost. Let our panel and materials expertise guide you in the development and production of your bleacher project.

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