Built expressly for industrial applications, I-Tech Mezzanine Decking is a long-wearing, strong, low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for retrofits and new construction. Unlike some competitive products, I-Tech Mezzanine Decking blends a structural plywood substrate with a textured High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) face that results in a mezzanine panel that delivers superior wear characteristics in industrial settings. I-Tech Mezzanine Decking has a history that backs up the superior performance of the product.

We have the expertise to meet your job site’s precise needs. Do you have a certain wheel load or weight capacity you need to meet? Do you require cut to size or tongue and groove material? Do you require a light reflective backer? We can provide assistance with these panel requirements and more! Does your upcoming mezzanine job have exacting specifications? We can provide fire-rated plywood, OSB, high density particleboard and other substrates as required. We also can provide anti-static panels or panels that meet ADA guidelines for slip resistance. In addition, by working with a member of our design team, IPT can analyze or provide an AutoCAD cut layout to optimize your panel purchase and assist with installation. IPT has the background and expertise to deliver exactly the right mezzanine decking material your project requires.

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