Industrial panels have long been a focused area of strength for Innovative Panel Technologies, Inc. From sprawling industrial settings to small plants IPT has developed and delivered mezzanine decking, shelving and other industrial panels to the full spectrum of businesses and applications looking for a specific solution.

One large facility specified panels that would withstand sub-zero temperatures. IPT delivered. Other projects required certain fire retardant, strength and wear characteristics. IPT delivered. Over the years, IPT has delivered on dozens of industrial projects. We know what you need and can work with you to produce the material that will best serve your needs. Selecting the wrong material can result in enormously expensive repair costs and liabilities years after the project is completed. Working with IPT and leveraging our expertise in designing and producing tested materials that meet your specific application is essential in eliminating these concerns. Call us today for a no-obligation quote. Shipping is always at net cost so you save with Innovative Panel Technologies, Inc. Make sure you ask about our free material design services. IPT is in business to serve you promptly, reliably and affordably.

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