We here at IPT are constantly searching for new applications for our incredible panels. That search has led us to our most recent invention, the I-Tech Armor Plate & I-Tech Armor Plated Structural Decking! Below is a small blurb from the I-Tech Armor Plate page on our website:

No matter your exterior non-skid flooring needs, I-Tech Armor Plate and I-Tech Armor Plated Structural Decking will work on a wide variety of applications where slip resistance is needed. Whether you’re covering or resurfacing decks, boardwalks, bridges, docks or stages, Innovative Panel Technologies’ exclusive I-Tech Armor Plate can be matched to any of our existing products to deliver non-skid properties necessary in wet or dry conditions along with a range of other attributes to meet your specific application and setting. For new construction, use Armor Plated Structural Decking in place of lumber for a complete non-skid weather proof exterior flooring solution!

Order your I-Tech Armor Plate & I-Tech Armor Plated Structural Decking today!