Introducing I‐Tech Armor Plate and I‐Tech Armor Plated Structural Decking Vancouver, WA (July 13, 2016) – Innovative Panel Technologies, Inc., a recognized leader in the custom overlaid panels market, launched their new I‐Tech Armor Plate and I‐Tech Armor Plated Structural Decking panels recently. No matter what a customer’s exterior non‐skid flooring needs, I‐Tech Armor Plate [...]

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Non-Skid Panels and COF Chart

We here at IPT have a variety of non-skid solutions for your interior or exterior needs. We offer a variety of different non-skid surfaces, color options, various overlays, and more for any situation where a non-skid surface is required. There are I-Tech non-skid panels that meet ADA and OSHA non-skid recommendations. If you are interested in [...]

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Wet Coefficient of Friction Tests are in!

Good news everyone... Wet Coefficient of Friction Tests are in! We now have available for you I-Tech Non-Skid Panels that meet ADA* and OSHA** recommendations for walking surfaces even under wet/moist conditions! More information is available at request. I-Tech Non-Skid surfaces include Quad Ripple and Cracked Ice.   *The ADA has determined the standards to be [...]

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Current Wood Panel Price Tracking

In an effort to provide our customers the absolute lowest prices possible on our products, we at IPT monitor and track the price of the wood panels we use every single week. We adjust our prices according to this, and we make sure to always provide the best prices available anywhere in the market. Below [...]

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Router work

Did you know that Innovative Panel Technologies has the capability to produce your custom panels with all kinds of intricate router work? From fastener holes, bevels, radius corners and intricate cut patterns, our CNC router can handle it. If you don't have a drawing of what you need - no problem! Our panel experts at [...]

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Optimize your panel purchase with CAD assistance from IPT!

Did you know that IPT offers free* CAD assistance for your purchases? This service provides a detailed layout that can help with installation (project layout), panel sizing and product volume requirements. This can also provide detailed information for the factory to perform intricate router patterns on our panels. With our CAD assistance, you will be [...]

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Introducing I-Tech Armor Plate Non-Skid Panels

Innovative Panel Technologies manufactures I-Tech Armor Plate Non-Skid Panels for surfacing and resurfacing of areas that would require a fully exterior product that is skid resistant, easy to install and environmentally acceptable. This product can be applied to existing surfaces that need upgrade or repair by simply fastening it directly to the damaged surface. In [...]

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NEW I-Tech Panels Cover Boards

  Introducing new Innovative Panel Technologies I-TECH PANELS cover boards! All your orders of I-TECH MEZZANINE DECKING, I-TECH STAGE DECKING, I-TECH NON-SKID PANELS, AND I-TECH CUSTOM PANELS will now be arriving with our brand new IPT cover boards! The reason we are bringing these new cover boards to you, the customer, is to clearly identify [...]

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IPT New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from your friends over at Innovative Panel Technologies! Even after an amazing and successful 2015, we at IPT are always looking for ways to improve our customer service. We all have our own new years resolutions to improve ourselves, whether it be to join a health club or maybe spend more time [...]

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